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Whether it’s time for a new mattress or you’re looking to give your bedroom that makeover it deserves, understanding the correct sizing for your mattress, quilt sizes and linen sizes is so important to know before you buy. Check out KAS' sizing guide below to help you find the right size quilt covers and bed sheets for your bed!

Quilt Cover Size Chart 

KAS’ quilt cover sets come in a range of different sizes from a single quilt cover, double quilt cover, queen quilt cover, king quilt cover and super king quilt cover. All of KAS’ products have sizing specifications and dimensions listed in the product descriptions.

 Quilt Cover Size Guide

 KAS’ products are made for the Australian bedding market and therefore the sizing listed may not reflect the standard bedding overseas. Australian quilt sizes are different to many countries, so please check your mattress dimensions before buying a quilt set.

Many designers also recommend upsizing your quilt cover set size for many reasons including style and comfort. Upsizing will allow for better coverage during sleep and having a larger size quilt cover can help the bed look larger and more luxurious. For double beds as queen size is often recommended, for queen size beds choose a king size quilt cover and for king size beds select a super king quilt cover set.

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Mattress Size Chart  

Before buying a new quilt cover set, you need to understand what size your mattress is so you can choose the right fit for your room and the style you are going for.

 Mattress Size Guide Australia

In Australia, the standard mattress sizes are single, single XL, king single, double, queen, king and super king as listed above. Mattress sizes vary from country to country, so it is important that you base your mattress sizing based off where you purchased your mattress from.

Sheet Set Size Guide 

KAS’ sheet sets come in a variety of sizes to suit every mattress including single sheet sets, double sheet sets, queen sheet sets and king sheet sets. Like our quilt cover sets, Australian sheet sizing differs from other countries so please check you bed dimensions before purchasing.


Fitted Sheet Size Guide
 Fitted Sheet Size Guide Australia


Flat Sheet Size Guide
Flat Sheet Size Guide Australia

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Decorative Pillow Size Chart

KAS' cushions and pillows come in a range of shapes and size, outlined below. All of our product descriptions identify what size that specific cushion or pillow is to help you choose the right size cushion for you.

Cushion Size Guide Australia

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Cushion Insert Size Chart

KAS' cushion inserts come in a range of sizes to perfectly fit your cushion covers. Choose from our range of sizes below.

 Cushion Insert Size Guide Australia


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