Caring for Your Bedding

Knowing how to take care of your new KAS favourites can ensure they continue to stand the test of time for many years to come. First things first, we’re going to check the care instructions label. These instructions are given by the manufacturer and are going to be your ultimate guide to keeping your bedding in the best condition possible. Read on as we share our designers and product specialists top tips for keeping your new bedding fresh all year long.



Washing tips:

When it's time to give your cotton bedding a wash, we recommend keeping things cool and gentle. Select a cool temperature and a gentle detergent to avoid any pilling or damage to the fabric. Also remember, less is more when it comes to detergent. We want your bedding to stay in the best condition possible.

Now here’s a little secret you may not know: whilst fabric softener might give your bedding an instant cosy feel, in the long run it can actually strain the fibres. Softeners tend to coat and weaken natural fibres, so it’s best to leave them at the shops! But don’t worry, your new cotton bedding will naturally soften over time with every wash.

Here at KAS you may have noticed that we love colour! It’s in our DNA. To keep your coloured bed linen looking fresh and vibrant, keep them away from bleach or other whitening detergents. We recommend washing your bedding separately to avoid any snags from other clothing with zippers or buttons and to have three different detergents on hand at all times: one for colours, one for whites and one for delicate materials like wool and silk. With this tip, you’ll conquer laundry like a pro!

Managing Wrinkles

Wrinkles got you down? Cotton Percale, while wonderfully soft and breathable, has a tendency to wrinkle. But don’t worry, here are some fabulous tips from our experts to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay.

When smoothing out those wrinkles we suggest setting your iron to low heat - it may take a bit longer - but trust us, it’s worth it in the end. The low heat preserves the integrity of the fibres. Additionally, ironing when still slightly damp can make it easier to smooth out. Win-Win! If you prefer using a dryer, here’s a handy trick: toss in some dyer balls along with your bedding. These little wonders create movement and airflow throughout the drying cycle, which can significantly reduce wrinkles forming as your bedding dries. Remember though, try not to overload your dryer (or washing machine) with too many items. Give your bedding some breathing room and let it dance around freely.

When line drying, give your bedding a good shake and spread it out evenly on the line. This simple step can help minimise wrinkles as they dry naturally in the fresh air.


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