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Is there anything more luxurious than a steaming hot bath and then wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy...

Is there anything more luxurious than a steaming hot bath and then wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy bath towel? Take a look at the KAS range of bath towels. Bold patterns with our Stratton Bath Towels, or warm colours thanks to the Como range of towels.

Or have a whole set, thanks to the Henley Bath Towel sets. Choose a colour to match your bathroom decor, feel the thickness and imagine warm winter nights and cosy Como towels.

Up your bath towel range with the KAS hand towel selection. You can coordinate your Stratton bath towels with a range of Stratton hand towels. Totally coordinate with blues and browns in bold style choices.

While you’re in the towel shop, why not check out our range of big, bright and colourful beach towels. Yes, you can use them in the bathroom in an emergency, but they are asking to be taken and laid upon the sands at summertime. 

Shop for your luxurious bath towels, functional hand towels and fun beach towels with KAS.

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Bath Towel FAQ

What are the best bath towels? icon icon

First, think about the material you want your bath towels to be made from. Cotton is a popular choice because it is soft and absorbent, but linen or bamboo bath towels can also be luxurious options. It's also important to consider how thick or thin you want your bath towels to be. If you live in a climate where it gets cold, you may want thicker bath towels that will provide more warmth after a shower or bath. However, if you live in a warmer climate, thinner bath towels may be more comfortable. Next, think about the size of the bath towels you need. If you have a small bathroom, you may not need large bath towels that take up a lot of space. However, if you have a large family or entertain guests often, you may want to have several large bath towels on hand. It's also important to consider the shape of the bath towel - do you want square or rectangular bath towels, or something more creative like an oval or circular shape? Finally, don't forget to think about the style of the bath towel. Do you want solid colors that match your bathroom decor, or patterns and prints that add personality? There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect bath towel for your home. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the best option for your needs.

How big is a bath towel? icon icon

Bath towels typically range in size from 70 x 76cm wide and 136 to 140cm long. Bath towels are usually made of cotton, although there are also bath towels made of other materials such as microfiber. When purchasing a bath towel, it is important to consider how the towel will be used. If the towel will primarily be used for drying off after a shower, a smaller size may be sufficient. However, if the towel will also be used for wrapping around the body, a larger size may be necessary. Ultimately, the best bath towel is one that is the right size for the intended purpose.

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