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KAS Family

As one of the largest lifestyle brands in the country, KAS Australia is synonymous with innovative, quality homewares. The family-owned and operated business has an enviable longevity, and from humble beginnings has cemented its status as a leader in the competitive homewares market.

Whilst the principal element of the KAS Australia product offering is bed linen, the brand also produces designs across the following categories: lounge cushions, beach, bath, outdoor, kitchen and home fragrance. Each category is represented within seasonal collections, forming cohesive and well-rounded ranges of modern lifestyle products.

The KAS Australia brand ethos embraces three primary values: contemporary and forward-thinking creative, exceptional high quality fabrications, and unashamedly bold colour palettes and prints.

Each collections draws inspiration from a rich source of influences. Past designs have been inspired by evocative sources such as African tribal art, native flora, Art Deco, classic Baroque and 1960s pop art. Drawing upon these kinds of appealing elements ensures that each collection is popular with not only the more discerning consumer, but has a widespread, extensive appeal. Accompanying KAS's unique design inspiration is their seasonal stylised campaign imagery - each range is presented in the signature bright and bold KAS aesthetic, consistently striking and on-brand.

It is staying true to this that makes KAS Australia so unique - in a sea of simplistic and basic home products, the eye-catching KAS visual makes the brand stand out from the crowd. KAS Australia prides itself on a commitment to quality, with all products manufactured within the highest standard. Whether natural or man-made, each fabrication is guaranteed to be of a premium level.

Based on these core values, it comes as no surprise that the Australian homewares brand has achieved such large-scale international success. KAS Australia's sheet sets, quilt covers, cushions, throw rugs, towels, napery, outdoor cushions and home fragrance can be found in destinations ranging from USA, Germany. Austraia, Belgium, Switzerland, to Mexico, Japan and the Middle East.

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