Top Tips To Give Your Bedroom the Makeover It Deserves

Top Tips To Give Your Bedroom the Makeover It Deserves

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Are you looking for bedroom ideas to makeover the cosiest room in the house? Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the easiest to redecorate. Essentially, you need furniture to create impactful change in other rooms of the house. But for the bedroom, you can make a few simple cosmetic changes to create an entirely new look and feel. Bliss. This means that giving your bedroom a makeover is totally affordable too.

Ready? Let’s begin your bedroom makeover.

Start with a huge declutter

When you visit display homes or furniture centres, do you wish you had the nice clean lines and simple decor of their showroom? The secret is getting rid of more stuff. By finding the right storage solutions, or better yet, tossing out old possessions, you are free to create a room filled with only items you truly love. Wouldn’t that be a more peaceful way to start and begin your day?

Bedroom ideas to boost storage

If you can’t bring yourself to throw away childhood letters, old clothes you’ll wear ‘someday’ or other bedroom clutter, the next best option is to keep it out of sight. By giving everything an allocated home to live, you won’t struggle to put items away. Bookshelves that fit your books, cheap plastic storage tubs under the bed or over-the-door wall hangers for your bathrobe can help you tidy quicker and have your clutter under control.

Personal mementos

Make your bedroom uniquely you. Think about what matters to you and how you can express that in your bedroom. Family heirlooms, photos or gifts should take pride of place in your new bedroom. What’s your core style? Antique movie prints, books, Fuschia pink? Show it off! You friends should be able to walk into the room and feel the space is “very you” because it shows off everything you love.

Find your colour palette

Colour trends come and go, and it’s easy to embrace the latest looks in your bedroom. With bed linen, throw rugs and cushions you can keep your room up to date. Try this bedroom idea: seasonal looks. Create a warm cosy scene for winter with deep velvets and rich tones. In summer, use light, airy pastels and softer textures. With colours, it pays to have a core colour and a couple of accents. Below are some combinations that work well.

 Colour pallets for bedroom design.

Use accent colours cleverly

 If choosing bold, bright colours makes you nervous, then make those pieces accent colours. Use them in accessories, like vases, trinkets, photo frames and pillowcases. So if you get sick of lime green, it’s easy to change. For example, our bright mustard-coloured cushion, throw and vase will add a modern edge to your bedroom:


Samara Mustard Cushion Mustard throw Mustard Ceramic Vase

Samara cushion

Carlton throw 

Classic mustard large vase

What bedroom colours are popular?

Classic Blue is the Pantone Colour of the Year and it’s a perfect colour for your bedroom. Other colours that are popular include mustard yellow, dusty pink, pale bluish-grey and, mint green.

Blue Alto Quilt Cover Set

Classic blue is great for bedrooms. Shop the Alto Quilt Cover Sets.

What are the latest bedroom trends?

Recently, trends have shifted towards, rustic, textural pieces. Think chunky knits, natural timber, exposed brick. It’s all rather 1970s - fringes, tassels, crochet, velvet and wicker mesh. Pottery, especially unglazed, with raw edges and a natural finish is popular too. The industrial look is still on-trend, with exposed beams, metallics and brass finishes.

Ivy Green Quilt Cover Set

1970s touches, like this wicker headboard, and textured pendant light, are on trend this year.

Before you buy, build a Pinterest board

It can be tricky to visualise your new items alongside your current products. Before you spend a cent, create a Pinterest board for your chosen items. You’ll get a better idea of how the colours and textures complement each other. It’s by no means a perfect recreation of your actual bedroom, but it can help you see how the concepts work together. You’ll know if you’ve gone too far with your accent colour or of the colour scheme lacks pizzas. (Best to learn this before you purchase right?)


To sleep, perchance to dream.

Above all your bedroom is a place to sleep. Fun fact: if you search ‘why am I…’ in Google, the most common auto-correct response is ‘so tired’ This means that many people are struggling with tiredness. But you can help boost your chance of a better night’s sleep by creating a bedroom that’s optimised for slumber. Try these strategies:

  • get strong curtains that block out as much light as possible
  • cover up small flashing lights on your appliances like TV or alarm
  • consider noise-reducing measures like glazed windows
  • keep your bedroom at a comfortable but slightly cool temperature
Women relaxing in quality sheet sets
Sleep better by improving your bedroom setup.


Be the master of your patterns

A great way to embrace trends is with strong patterns. The easiest way is with new bed linen. Popular patterns include geometric prints, natural textures crisp white or bold splashes of colour.

Other ways to add patterns to your bedroom include artwork, feature wall with wallpaper, rugs, a new headboard or throw rug. Try these pieces for a touch of pattern in your bedroom:

Where flowers bloom, so does hope

Flowers are a lovely way to create a soft welcoming feel in your bedroom. If you are sensitive to fragrant flowers, dried flowers like willow, pampas grass, natives or rabbit tail grass give you the lovely look of flowers without the sneezing and sniffling. How about fake flowers? The quality of fake flowers has improved greatly over recent years. To really dupe, get a fake potted plant and sprinkle real potting mix over the base so it appears truly natural. (No one will ever know.) Display your flowers in a vase that complements your new colour scheme.

Pink ceramic vase KAS Australia

The Lunar Small Vase and the Lunar Large Vase make a stylish combination.


Indoor plants are seeing a resurgence

Another key look derived from the 1970s? An abundance of potted indoor plants. You can get good fakes, but nothing beats the real thing. Try these combinations:
small potted (shelf or side table): maidenhair fern, jade plant, Chinese money plant
large potted (on the floor): rubber plant, swiss cheese plant, devil’s ivy
hanging baskets (in crochet or natural pots): string of pearls, English ivy, chain of hearts
Hanging potted plants in bedroom

Hanging indoor plants add ambience to your bedroom.

Create a cosy nook

If you have space, create a welcoming corner for a cup of tea and a good book. An armchair, throw rug, bright cushions and side table or wall shelf can fit into a surprisingly small space. Add a wall lamp or standing lamp for ambient glow and reading light, a stock of books and personal mementos to make it truly personal.

Cosy reading nook in bedroom
Fit a cosy reading nook in the corner of your bedroom. 

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