At Home With Andrea Hetherington

At Home With Andrea Hetherington

At Home Series,

Welcome to KAS' new blog series 'At Home'. Each week we will be chatting with interior designers, innovators and influencers to take you into their home and finding out how they get their home inspiration. This week we are talking to content creator Andrea Hetherington

Can you share with us a little intro into who you are and how you began your blogging and Instagram career?

Sure! My Instagram and blogging career began 7 years ago, I started my fashion Instagram initially and my blog followed shortly after. I was working in advertising project management full time and wanted a creative outlet on the side. I’d always wanted to start a fashion blog (or personal style blog which is what they were called back then), I was toying with the idea and my boyfriend at the time gave me the push I needed to start Leather and Lattes.

How do you incorporate your everyday street style into your home?

My fashion style is a bit more grown up these days, I like dressing smart, edgy and elegant. I guess my style at home is becoming reflective of that too. I’m moving away from colours like pink, and harsh black and whites. Timber, gold and neutral finishes are really doing it for me at the moment. Still, I haven’t stopped wearing pink in my outfits!  

Where do you find your interior styling inspiration?

I do look at Pinterest but mostly I take inspiration from other people’s homes, or spaces that stick in my mind. Personally I find a piece of furniture I love, and start building around it. Adding to the room piece by piece until it comes to life. One item of furniture can kick start your whole vision! 

How has your home style developed and changed over the years?

I’m in my 30s and I started my blog in my late 20s. My home style back then was reflective of what was trending on Instagram - lots of pink, white and marble. Fast forward 7 years and my style is more grown up and sophisticated. I find myself drawn to timber, gold and muted tones with colour pops here and there. I like unique finds, whether it’s a $500 table or a free one on the side of the road, you have to be drawn to the item.

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How would you describe the style you have chosen to run with throughout your home?

Hmmm, I don’t actually know what you’d call it actually. I guess my own made up Andrea style haha. I could have a crack and call it classic style with a modern twist. 

What has been your favourite space to style in your home? 

My favourite room to style has been the living / dining area which is one big connected space at our place. The apartment is 16 floors up, and has great natural light with wall to floor windows. It’s been fun to style the living and dining areas and see them come to life. On one hand it’s easier to style a bigger space, and on the flip side, it can be tricky to utilise space in the correct way and fill up the room. I’m no expert, but there’s a real art to it!

Did you find a particular space in your home a challenge to style? If so, why?

My bedroom was a challenge because it’s a tighter space. It has great windows which take up the whole of one side of the room, but it doesn’t allow much space to work with in terms of where to put things. I chose a teal velvet bed as the hero piece, and a small timber bedside unit. My aim was to find a few nice quilt cover sets which matched the bed. Currently my KAS Nevie Quilt Cover Set is doing the job perfectly and is reversible which is great.

We know that you love bright colours within your home, especially having a blue couch. What tips would you give to anyone looking to style or add some bold colours to their home?

I do, I love styling bright eclectic colours in the home like blue or green! I saw my couch online and knew I had to have it! I find a pop of colour works well as opposed to a full room of colourful items. Different colours work well together and you just have to play around and find the balance. I also love playing with textures, especially velvet!

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What are your top tips for those looking to style their home on a budget?

Try Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace for second hand items. Sometimes people get rid of amazing items during council pickups. I would also recommend sites like Temple & Webster or Brosa who often do sales. My sister found an amazing cream couch on Gumtree for $250 and it’s still going strong years later. 

Do you have an essential item/object that you think everyone should include somewhere in their interior styling?

I feel an amazing dining table is a must. I’m really in love with mine and it’s changed the whole dynamic of the apartment. I still look at it in awe and it’s bought me lots of happiness. Never thought I’d say that about a table - haha. It can also be a great workspace alternative to a desk.


What do you think the next interior trend of 2020 will be?

Houseplants! Without a doubt the interior trend of 2020. In particular figs. They seem to be blowing up on Instagram.

We know you love to snap a pic! What are your tips on making an Insta worthy living space?

I do love a pic! A fresh coat of white paint will make a space Insta worthy in a heartbeat. A great mirror which reflects the light is also a must. Aside from that it’s the finer details that make a difference, for example: a beautiful vase, eye-catching cushion or luxurious throw. I am loving my KAS vases - currently using them as decoration as opposed to filling them with flowers.


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What are your ‘must have’ tips when styling an entertainment space in your home?

My tips for styling an entertainment space would be as follows: 1. Choose the perfect sofa. Let’s face it this is more important than ever during isolation and Coronavirus (dare I say it) times. A 3-seater is the way forward if you have enough space. 2. Interesting TV unit or coffee table - a daggy TV unit or drab old coffee table will really bring down the mood of the room so this is important to get this right. 3. Cushions, throws and blankets are a must for any entertainment area. My KAS throw is my favourite by far because it feels so soft and cosy!

What drew you to KAS' product's, in particular the Nevie Quilt Cover Set - it seems like you love accessorising and styling with bold colours

Ahh I love the KAS products because they’re all so unique and luxurious. Especially the Nevie Quilt Cover Set because the floral tones (mainly purple, orange, blue) really match my teal bed. I love that it’s also reversible so I can mix things up often!

Want more of Andrea? Check her out her Instagram Andrea Hetherington

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