2023 Design Trends

2023 Design Trends


Our design predictions for 2023 are here, and we can’t wait to share the stunning new styles we have in store for you this year. 

The theme of 2023 is…

New Life, New Growth!

2023 is the year of renewal as the world rouses from years of hibernation. Over the last few years we've seen a growing pride in decorating our home environment and this year is no different. People are taking the time to create warm, inviting spaces that are not only functional but also truly reflect their personal style.

This year we’ll see designs that celebrate the wonders of nature and the beauty of new life. This is reflected in the continuous shift away from fast-fashion and the desire for durable, high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Want to learn more? Here's what you can expect to see dominating the trends this season:

1. Airy, natural elements & fibres

As we increasingly look to incorporate more sustainable and environmentally conscious behaviours in our everyday lives, we are seeing a big shift towards natural elements and fibres, in particular Cotton and Linen. These fibres have an organic feel and texture to them helping us feel more grounded and connected to the outside, natural world. Opt for natural fibres in Summer for their breathable, and durable properties. Combine these with a wide selection of indoor plants to create a more relaxed harmonious living environment.

Featured above is our lovely Seville Quilt Cover Set and matching Seville European Pillowcase aswell as our Jupe natural cushion and Cresta cushion.                    

2. Lively pops of colour

An easy way to bring more fun and positivity into your living space is through colour! Incorporate bright accent pieces, like cushions or throws onto neutral bases for a pop of colour without overhauling your entire space. Alternatively, go BIG! Showcase hero pieces in your bedding or mix and match patterns with complimentary colours to really create that WOW factor. Bring out your personal style through your decor and most of all, have fun with it!

Featuring our lovely Phoebe Quilt Cover Set and matching Honey cushion and Soliel cushions.

3. Floral motifs reminiscent of garden scenes

Here at KAS, pattern design is in our DNA. This season we take inspiration from gardenscapes and rolling meadows covered in wildflowers. Showcasing hand-painted techniques in loose, gestural brush strokes. Create a fresh, natural and inviting feel in your home through pattern and colour in your accessories, or be bold and create a statement with one of our floral quilt cover sets.

Featured above is our Fresca Quilt cover set and coordinating Fresca European pillowcase, Rye Cream Cushion and Olie Cushion.

4. Tight, boucle textures & 3D elements

Pronounced 'boo-klay', this unique embroidery technique is fast becoming a favourite in the home decor space. A type of needlework that involves creating loops or knots, the yarn can be woven to form a raised, beautifully soft texture. The loops can vary in size and be arranged in numerous patterns depending on the design and desired effect. Looser boucle can create a more relaxed and organic feel, while tighter boucle creates a more structured and modern look.

Boucle continues to be a popular trend in textiles due to its versatility and ability to add texture and interest to any design. The trend is constantly evolving, with new colors and patterns being introduced, making boucle a timeless and enduring fabric choice.

Boucle cushions featured above are our Olie Cushion, Rye Cream Cushion and Horten Cushion.

5. Organic, asymmetrical shapes

In 2023 we are seeing a strong shift away from traditional, symmetrical shapes with a move towards a more organic, unique look. Say goodbye to straight lines and perfect circles and embrace quirky, unusual shapes inspired by the world around us. These organic shapes add a touch of playfulness and whimsy to your home and will have your guests doing a double-take every time they step into the room.

All of the below range can be found in our Dinnerware collection.


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