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Quilt cover, doona cover or duvet cover. Whatever you call it, however you sleep, this bedroom essential is the key to a satisfying slumber. Quilt covers aren’t just for looks, although with the stunning designs in the KAS range of quilt cover sets we forgive you for thinking differently.

Quilt cover, doona cover or duvet cover. Whatever you call it, however you sleep, this bedroom essential is...

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Okay, we get it, you have some questions. You’re ready to take the leap, to invest in the quilt cover set of your dreams. You’ve scrolled the KAS range of quilt cover sets and found your favourite. But before you buy, you need to know a few things.

Is a quilt cover the same as a doona?

You’re wondering if quilt covers, doona covers and duvet covers are all the same thing. Don’t worry, you don’t need one of each. These days, the three terms are used interchangeably to mean the same thing, the cover that protects your doona. The doona is the large bag filled with down, feathers or other synthetic alternatives. The different names originate from different countries and although the term ‘quilt’ used to refer to a layered blanket, things have changed.

Quilt cover sets are like the icing on your favourite cake. Except the cake is your bed. You’ve handpicked your spongey mattress, added the oh-so-sweet essential layers of fitted sheets and top sheets, and now you’re ready for the finishing touch. So, what is included in a quilt cover set? The answer depends on the size of the quilt cover set you buy.

What is included in a quilt cover set?

A quilt cover set for a single size bed will generally contain one quilt cover and one pillowcase. Any sizes larger than this will contain a doona cover and at least two pillowcases. This removes the need to hunt down perfectly matching pillowcases for your new quilt cover, the hard work has been done for you! KAS offers a range of single, double, queen, king  and super king size quilt cover sets, so every room in the house is sorted.

The beauty of the quilt cover is that it can easily be removed and washed, unlike the doona itself which requires a more lengthy laundering process. For this reason, you may choose to have multiple quilt cover sets to rotate through while you wash. This is also a simple, easy way to give your bedroom a fresh update with minimal effort. KAS offers free shipping on all orders over $50, so treat yourself to a couple of quilt cover sets. Your future self will thank you come laundry day.

Are quilts good for summer?

In warmer climates, you may be wondering if your quilt cover set will only be used for the colder months of the year. This ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, once the temperature starts to rise, you can easily take the doona itself out of your quilt cover. Pack the doona away until winter starts to peak its head out again and keep the quilt cover on your bed for a light cover that still gives your bedroom a polished look.

How do I put a quilt cover on my bed?

Now, it’s time to get to the question we’ve all been putting off. It’s divisive and sure to cause disagreement between you and your parents during childhood, you and your spouse, or you and your kids. Do you need to make the bed in the morning, every morning? Are you ready to finally have this question answered?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t know either. However, what we here at KAS do know, is that having a quilt cover set makes the job a lot easier if you do choose to embark on the bed making journey. Just put your quilt cover over your insert and a quick shake of your quilt cover and your bed transforms from a bundle of bedding to an elegant, sophisticated feature straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine. A quick puff of your pillows and you’re on your way to a productive morning. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back.

What is the best quilt to buy in Australia?

KAS quilt covers are a simple investment for year round enjoyment. They not only reduce your laundry requirements, but are also a fantastic addition to any pillow fort. We want you to love your doona cover for years to come, so with that in mind we offer easy, free 30 day returns.

If you’re looking to update all of your bedding, KAS also offers a diverse range of quality sheet sets in a huge range of colours. For extra finishing touches, we also have a selection of cushions and throws to ensure your bedroom is what your dreams are made of, not just where they’re made.

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